Научные центры России и Норвегии планируют создавать совместные арктические проекты
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Norwegian Foreign Minister: Successful cooperation with Russia continues in the Arctic

Norway and Russia cooperate successfully in the Arctic, primarily in such areas as the joint management of marine resources, nuclear safety and security and environmental protection, despite disagreements on other issues, Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende told a news conference in Tromso.

"Norway and Russia cooperate very successfully in the Arctic. We jointly manage the largest cod reserves in the world; this serves as an example for everyone, because we annually catch about one million metric tons of cod without damaging the environment," RIA Novosti quoted the minister as saying.

He also mentioned successful cooperation in the area of nuclear safety and security, environmental protection, work in the Arctic Council, and other areas. Large-scale military exercises are held on both sides of the border in the Arctic region, he said.

"Russia is one of the largest military powers, and Norway is not; but this is nothing new, this has been the situation since the Cold War," Brende said, adding that all efforts of politicians should aim to preserve the Arctic as a conflict-free region, so that the norms of international law will be observed there.

"In the past few years, we have faced challenges and disagreements associated with Ukraine. But in any event, we are trying to preserve the Arctic as a territory of peace and cooperation," Brende added.