Russia to present Russian Arctic at Expo 2017
© RIA Novosti. Nikolay Lazarenko

Russia to present Russian Arctic at Expo 2017

The Russian display at the Expo 2017 International Exhibition being held in Astana will demonstrate the country's energy potential using the example of its unique natural region — the Russian Arctic, Director of Russia's Expo 2017 business program Anton Atrashkin told the news agency TASS.

"I can say that those who visit the Russian display will find themselves in the open spaces of our North during the warm Astana summer. They will have a chance to see and even touch a real iceberg. However, the display itself will certainly show more than just nature. Against the backdrop of the Russian Arctic, we will present Russia's most advanced energy technologies,"Atrashkin said.

State-owned giants Rosatom, Rosseti, Transneft, Uralkali and Uralchem will be key partners of Russia's display at Expo 2017.

"Rosatom, for instance, will show Russia's nuclear fleet. Uralkali and Uralchem will use an interactive structure to show how their fertilizers vitalize plants. Rosseti will present its potential for the development, storage and transmission of electricity," Atrashkin explained.

Expo-2017, scheduled from June 10 to September 10 in Astana, will be devoted to Future Energy, the news agency TASS reports. More than 115 countries and 20 international organizations have confirmed their participation.