Vladivostok to host International Symposium on Ice
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Vladivostok to host International Symposium on Ice

In June 2018, Russia will host the International Symposium on Ice to be attended by as many as 250 experts from Southeast Asian countries, Europe, the Americas, New Zealand, and Australia. The event will be held at the Far Eastern Federal University, Director of the University's School of Engineering Alexander Becker told TASS.

The agency quotes Becker as saying: "The participants will discuss a wide range of topics linked with the study of ice and hydraulic problems in the high seas and rivers plus hydraulic themes, including the properties of ice, ice forms, ice loads, sea-ice formations, sea waves, high-seas structures and environmental issues."

The event is sponsored by the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research together with an independent international organization of hydraulic engineers and experts on water technology.

The Far Eastern Federal University's School of Engineering boasts the Arctic international center providing research support for new projects on the continental shelf of the northern seas. Each year, the University organizes a winter school for Russian and foreign students who work with natural ice, study the specifics of building ice-resistant vessels and high-seas engineering structures.