Путин заявил, что РФ обеспечит свою безопасность в Арктике
© RIA Novosti. Alexei Druzhinin

Putin says that Russia will ensure its security in the Arctic Region

Russia believes the Arctic Region to be of vital importance in terms of security, said President Vladimir Putin in an interview for Andrei Kondrashov's documentary film, called Putin.

"We are not going to threaten anyone, but, using our advantages, in this case, of a territorial nature, we will ensure the security of the Russian Federation and its people," the President said. "In this sense, the Arctic Region is of vital importance to Russia."

He mentioned that, for example, American missile-carrying submarines are on duty along the Norwegian coast, and noted that Russia has the most powerful nuclear fleet.

Putin also stated that he had been to the islands of the Franz Josef Land Archipelago, and learned from scientists working there that only recently tour guides of foreign visitors had been telling them that the territory "used to belong to the Soviet Union". "Which means that they have started writing us off, even though we have not given those territories to anyone," the President said.