NATO in favor of Arctic cooperation with Russia
© RIA Novosti. Alexey Vitvitsky

NATO in favor of Arctic cooperation with Russia

NATO speaks in favor of lowering tensions in the Arctic regions and of a dialogue with Russia, RIA Novosti reported citing NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

"We should still work for avoiding increasing the tensions in the High North, because this is an area where we need also to work together with Russia. For instance, I know that several NATO allies are working with Russia within the Arctic Council, and we have the cooperation within the Barents Council and the Barents Cooperation," Stoltenberg told journalists in Norway.

"So, it shows that it is possible for NATO allies to combine being strong, predictable, firm, but at the same time have a practical cooperation with Russia," he noted.

Earlier, Jeff McMutry, the head of the Netherlands Marine Corps Operations Division General, accused Russia of provocations during exercises in the Arctic.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has said many times that exercises with warships and planes are carried out in strict accordance with international rules and never violate state borders. As NATO has increased its activity near Russia's borders, Russia has also made it clear that it does not pose any threat but neither would it leave any actions threatening its interests unanswered.