Arctic Council ministerial meeting scheduled for May 19-20

Arctic Council ministerial meeting scheduled for May 19-20

The Arctic Council ministerial meeting is scheduled for May 19-20, said Nikolai Korchunov, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Ambassador-at-Large for Arctic Cooperation.

“Over 200 people took part in the plenary session. The event focused on preparations for the Arctic Council ministerial meeting, which is scheduled for May 19–20,” Korchunov said during an online briefing at the Rossiya Segodnya Press Center following the Senior Arctic Officials’ plenary meeting, held via videoconference on March 16-18.

The diplomat also noted that the Foreign Minister typically represents Russia at the ministerial meeting.

“At the ministerial meeting, the Russian Federation is traditionally represented by the Foreign Minister, which is a common practice. There are sometimes exceptions and other ministers may also participate, but the Foreign Ministry is in charge of coordinating work within the Arctic Council as a foreign policy responsibility,” he added.

The Arctic Council, established in 1996 in accordance with the Ottawa Declaration, is a high-level intergovernmental forum that promotes cooperation in the region, especially in the field of environmental protection. The Council includes Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Iceland, Canada, Norway, Russia, the United States, Finland and Sweden.