Russia and Vietnam plan joint research at Arctic stations
© RIA Novosti. Aleksey Mayshev

Russia and Vietnam plan joint research at Arctic stations

Russia is ready to cooperate in research with Vietnam at its scientific Arctic stations.

“We not only intend to continue research in Vietnam, in climatic conditions that are not available in Russia, but we are also interested in receiving our Vietnamese colleagues at our scientific Arctic stations,” said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko at the Friday meeting with the staff of the Russian-Vietnamese Tropical Research and Technology Center in Hanoi.

He praised the work of the Tropical Center, which has been ongoing for three and a half decades.

“Today the Tropical Center is an actively developing multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific institution; it is building new facilities and purchases modern equipment,” the Deputy Prime Minister noted.

According to Chernyshenko, in 2021 over 150 Russian scientists working at the center took part in 45 expeditions and participated in the publication of 173 articles. In 2022 the number of scientists from the Russian Federation almost doubled to 266 people.

Chernyshenko pointed out that Russia’s Vietnamese partners want to further strengthen the Russian presence at the center.

“We will definitely work on increasing the number of permanent staff from the Russian side,” the Deputy Prime Minister promised.

He also said Russia is ready to invest in equipping the Tropical Center with modern instruments and equipment, creating new joint laboratories in current areas of research like biological and chemical safety, as well as in resolving the problems of dioxins, climate change and environmental protection, including in marine waters.