Sergei Shoigu
© RIA Novosti. Iliya Pitalev

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu praises armed forces performance after combat readiness inspection in the Arctic

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu praised the performance of the military under difficult Arctic conditions during a recent combat readiness inspection, RIA Novosti reported. Forces of the Northern Fleet, the Western Military District, and airborne troops took part in the inspection. The unscheduled armed forces combat readiness inspection was held on March 16-21 and focused on practicing action in the Arctic.

Combined military units and airborn forces practiced tasks to close down the state border and protect key facilities, including on the Arctic islands, and conducted tactical exercises with training and combat firing practice.

“A large number of the troops acted under difficult climatic conditions and demonstrated their ability to perform the assigned tasks in varying conditions,” Mr Shoigu said before a defense ministry meeting to sum up the inspection results.

Earlier, Shoigu said that the exercises involved 80,000 military personnel, over 12,000 pieces of military equipment, 65 warships, 15 submarines, and about 220 military planes and helicopters.