Ports invest 4.2 bln rubles in environmental protection over two years
© RIA Novosti. Maxim Blinov

Ports invest 4.2 bln rubles in environmental protection over two years

Over the last two years, total investments in environmental protection made by port facilities that handle coal reached 4.2 billion rubles, the Siberian Coal Energy Company's head of logistics Denis Ilatovsky reported at an industry session at the Arctic Days in Moscow Federal Arctic Forum.

"I expect that total investments made by stevedores over three or four years will be at least 10 billion rubles. The Murmansk sea port alone has already spent 1.8 billion rubles and will spend about 3 billion," Ilatovsky said.

He said that investments are made in several areas: monitoring, purchasing cleaning equipment, water cannons and other sprinkler systems, creating dust shields and others. Ilatovsky said that some port facilities use such innovations as local sprinkler systems.

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