Atomenergomash to manufacture power equipment for icebreaker Lider
© RIA Novosti. Alexandr Kryazhev

Atomenergomash to manufacture power equipment for icebreaker Lider

The Atomenergomash company will produce the complete power equipment for the Project 10510 nuclear-powered icebreaker Lider, the company's General Director Andrei Nikipelov told RIA Novosti.

The icebreaker Lider will feature the new Russian-made RITM-400 reactor unit, developed at the Afrikantov Special Design Bureau for Experimental Projects in Nizhny Novgorod, an Atomenergomash subsidiary.

"The RITM-400 reactor's technical design is now complete, and we'll start working on detailed design and conducting research and development projects. Of course, we want to develop and manufacture the reactor unit. And we are prepared to deliver the power equipment sets, including the turbine unit," Nikipelov said.

"The on-time manufacture and shipment of RITM-200 reactors for three unfinished nuclear icebreakers shows that we can accomplish difficult tasks and master the production of new equipment, all the more so as we have gained unique experience during the RITM-200 project. We have completely streamlined the cooperation between the designers, production engineers and materials science specialists, and we have developed several types of new tools and technologies. We won't have to build anything from scratch because the RITM-400 unit replicates many of the RITM-200's specifications," he added.

Project 10510 Lider icebreakers will be fitted with nuclear steam generators consisting of two RITM-400 reactor units with a thermal capacity of 315 megawatts each. The Iceberg Central Design Bureau is engineering these icebreakers that will be expected to facilitate year-round navigation on the Northern Sea Route and conduct Arctic expeditions. These icebreakers' impressive beam will help them effectively escort super-large ships.