Дания обновила внешнеполитическую стратегию и будет противостоять «российской угрозе в Арктике»
© RIA Novosti. Il'ya Timin

Denmark updates foreign policy strategy to counter “the Russian threat in the Arctic”

Denmark said it intends to strengthen defense ties with other Nordic countries to counter the Russian threat in the Arctic and protect critical infrastructure under the kingdom's foreign and security strategy for 2023.

According to the writers of the new strategy, Russia is an “unpredictable actor – including in the Arctic and the North Atlantic. Together with our allies, this is something we must address.”

Under the document, the Danish authorities intend to increase military spending to 2 percent of GDP by 2030.

“NATO and a strong transatlantic bond remain the linchpin for our security, and we must continue to strengthen the cooperation in the Alliance. We must bear our share of the burden in the Alliance. The government will therefore bring forward the phasing in of the long-term increase in regular spending on defense and security to 2 percent of GDP until 2030,” the strategy says.

At the same time, the government of the kingdom will work to ensure that the Arctic does not become an arena of confrontation like other parts of the world.

“The government will continue working to ensure low tension and the continued development and protection of the Arctic region in close cooperation with the governments of Greenland and the Faroe Islands and with our international partners - even though it has become more difficult. Russia’s military forces in the Arctic are largely intact. China has long-term interests in the region. We will work to promote peace and security in the Arctic. The presence of the Danish Defence is to ensure improved surveillance and enforcement of sovereignty as well as to contribute to safeguarding the interests of the allies and NATO in the region,” the document says.