Beringia marine hunters’ festival held in Chukotka
© RIA Novosti. liya Pitalev

Beringia marine hunters’ festival held in Chukotka

The 21st Beringia ethnic culture and sports festival of marine mammal hunters was held in Chukotka on July 18-19, Arctic-Info news agency reported.

The Chukchi-Eskimo kayak race involved 20 teams, including 10 women's teams, five men's teams and five youth teams from the villages of Lavrentiya, Lorino, Uelen and Inchoun (Chukotsky District) and Provideniya and Novoye Chaplino (Providensky District). In the end, all the winners turned out to be from Lorino, the largest ethnic community in Chukotka.

Other sports events included a competition in national wrestling, running with a stick, one-foot high kick, harpoon throwing, and knee jumps. Everyone was encouraged to take part in contests held at the Polar Lights fair of local arts.

The festival's cultural program included performances by folk groups Atasikun, Solnyshko, Bely Parus, Uelen, Lorinskiye Zori and Gechevkey, a song group Polyus and a dance group Gallaktika.

The first Beringia festival of marine hunters was held in 1992 to help preserve the traditional sports and culture of Chukotka marine hunters.