First Arctic ice hockey tournament held in the gulf of ob at the Sabetta port
© RIA Novosti. Alexey Filippov

First Arctic ice hockey tournament held in the gulf of ob at the Sabetta port

Six amateur teams participated in the first Arctic Ice Hockey Tournament among Yamal LNG staff at the Sabetta Port, according to the official website of the Yamal Nenets Autonomous Area.

The teams of the Ministry of Transport, the company Novatek, the Ugra Beavers of Zapsibgidrostroy, Sibur, Fortuna (Mezhregiontruboprovodstroy) and Team 89 of the Yamal Nenets Autonomous Area competed on the ice of the Kara Sea.

According to the organizing committee, the tournament claims the right to enter the Guinness Book of Records due to geographical and climatic conditions.

"Today, all the participants are winners! The teams will show their true character, because only the strong can work in the Arctic, and Yamal is a territory of brave and strong people. The match seems more impressive when you understand where the ice rink is located. I propose to make this tournament international like our project," Head of the Yamal Nenets Autonomous Area Dmitry Kobylkin said before the tournament.

After the match, all the teams received prizes and the three leaders were awarded medals. Bronze went to Team 89, Silver to the Ugra Beavers, and the Fortuna team received the gold medal and the Cup of the first Arctic Ice Hockey Tournament. The membership fees will be spent on continuing the Kara Expeditions historical research project.