Taimyr allocate fishing quotas
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Taimyr allocate fishing quotas

A local government commission has allocated fishing quotas for the indigenous ethnic groups in the Taimyr Peninsula's Dolgano-Nenets Autonomous District, the district's website reports. The commission's meeting included district council deputies, district administration officials and experts from the Yenisei territorial division of the Federal Agency for Fishery.

Local indigenous ethnic groups leading a traditional lifestyle and engaged in traditional economic activity will be able to catch 325.4 metric tons of fish in nearby water basins in 2017. The district's natural resources department received 1,006 requests from Taimyr ethnic groups, with amateur and recreational fishermen submitting another three requests.

Amateur and recreational fishermen will be able to catch four metric tons of fish on the Yenisei River at facilities owned by Sever Ltd. and fish factory Yeniseirybzavod, as well as on lakes in the Pyasina River basin via the Norilsk municipal public organization of hunters and fishermen.

The local indigenous ethnic groups have been given quotas to catch the following fish species: peled, Baltic whitefish, Arctic cisco, smelt, burbot, muksun, vendace, and perch. They are still not allowed to fish for sturgeon or nelma/inconnu.