Murmansk Region to host Sami Games

Murmansk Region to host Sami Games

The village of Lovozero in the Murmansk Region will host the 32nd traditional district Sami Games festival on June 17, the regional department of domestic policy and mass communications reported. The festival first took place in 1985 and has been an annual event since then.

Participants will compete in sports that have their roots in traditional Sami life. Anyone who wishes can have a go at throwing stones, lassos, spears and archery. Women can also take part in a women's Sami football match, in which players use a ball made from reindeer hide and stuffed with reindeer fur.

The festival programme also offers performances by ensembles from the Murmansk Region, and an exhibition and sale of decorative arts and craft wares. Concert participants include the Ellmannt Sami amateur folk theater, Izhma ensemble's amateur Komi folklore group, Maryushka amateur veterans' folk choir, House of Friendship project ensembles, and performers Marina Grinchuk and Polina Medvedeva. 

At the Crafts Town exhibition and sale, artisans and artists will offer traditional clothing, ornaments made from reindeer fur, carved bone and reindeer antlers souvenirs, and items made out of beads and roots.