Ten Taimyr companies win grant competition
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Ten Taimyr companies win grant competition

Ten companies and sole proprietors from the Taimyr Peninsula have won the regional competition for grants that are awarded for maintaining the traditional way of life of small peoples in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The announcement to this effect has been posted on the website of the Taimyr (Dolgan-Nenets) Municipal District.

"Between 1 and 2 million rubles will be allocated for each project. The money will be invested in the production, storage, processing and marketing of traditional products of local small peoples," the statement says. The funds have been provided from the Krasnoyarsk Territory Agency for the Development of Northern Territories and Small Indigenous Peoples.

One of the winners is the Nya Tansa clan, or the Nganasan Family, which will use the money to buy equipment for the processing and storage of venison and also fish.

Sole proprietor Alexei Shulepov will use the grant to produce and market reindeer meat.

Valeryan Mikhailov, who presented the Amakai project, will organize on-site production, storage and marketing of venison.

The Khaski Tyal clan, which presented the Nasu Balyga project, will catch and market northern fish.

Farmer Sergei Bettu will use his grant for his Bolshoi Kamen (Big Rock) project to organize the collection, storage and marketing of products made from reindeer antlers and also climbing skins.

A similar project will be implemented in Dudinka by Vaselina Tsygankova, head of a farming company, within the framework of the Land of My Ancestors project. She also intends to buy GLONASS collars for monitoring the movement of their reindeer.

Farmer Andrei Styopin will use the funds his farm has received for the Forward Moving project to finance the processing of traditional products made by local small peoples.

Sole proprietor Kirill Yaptune from Nosok (Karaul) has won a grant for his project devoted to the development of fishing as a traditional craft of small peoples of the North. He will use the money to organize the production, collection and transportation of fish to the market from a site on the Yenisei River.

The companies Yevgenia from the town of Vorontsovo and NordLand from the village of Potapovo in the Dudinka municipal area will use the money they have won for similar purposes. They presented the Vorontsovo Fish project and a project aimed at improving fishing in southern Taimyr.

Grants are awarded under the local program designed to preserve and develop the traditional way of life and economic operation of small indigenous people.

Overall, 35 projects were submitted by companies and sole proprietors from the Taimyr, Evenki and Turukhansk districts. Only 20 of them were shortlisted by the competition commission, which has chosen 10 winners.