Photograph: Moving fast to set up a chum before sunset
© Department of External Relations, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area. Valery Kibenko

Yamal citizen man wins the international photo competition, Inhabited Island: The Earth

A sociologist from the Yamal Peninsula, Valery Kibenko, has won the 3rd iinternational online competition, Inhabited Island: The Earth iinternational online competition, in the Cooperation category.

The exhibition showcased his photograph Moving fast to set up a chum before the sunset, which he took during a research expedition to the Yamal Peninsula. The photograph shows the family of a reindeer breeder setting up their nomadic dwelling at the sunset.

“Competitions like this give me the opportunity chance to increase even more public awareness of the research at in the high latitudes and the environmental issues that are being looked into, as well as of various aspects of human activity in the harsh conditions of the Arctic, including those that seem to have, on the face of it, a dash of humor,” said Valery Kibenko, who holds a PhD in Sociology.  

The photograph Taking a present Bringing a gift to the village won third place in the Amusing Moments category, in which photographs were awrded recognized for their humor. The photographer took an photo image of a reindeer breeder, who tied up a reindeer and is taking it to the village to present it to his family.