Arctic maritime festival to take place in Arkhangelsk

A maritime fleet festival will be held on May 13 in Arkhangelsk. The event is dedicated to the 325th anniversary of shipbuilding in Russia. Visitors will be able to see the Professor Molchanov research vessel as well as Kapitan Kosolapov, Kapitan Yevdokimov and Dikson icebreakers at the piers near the sea boat station. Everyone will be able to board the latter.

The festival will open a series of events to mark the 325th anniversary of establishing shipbuilding in Russia. From May through September, the city will host several large events including a marine forum, the International Northern Yacht Festival, and the Arctic Shipbuilding Forum. Leading shipbuilding experts and maritime fleet professionals from all around the country will take part in the projects.

The event begins at 11 a.m. on May 13.