Big Arctic Expedition to present its first findings

The Moscow school students who took part in the Big Arctic Expedition will present their findings at 2 pm on June 7 in Zaryadye Park.

The Big Arctic Expedition is an educational quest that united more than 10,000 Moscow schoolchildren. Last April, the expedition team carried out scientific research at the Barneo Russian drifting station located 50 kilometers away from the North Pole.

The expedition participants collected over 60 kg of samples which were sent for primary processing to the Lomonosov Moscow State University Marine Research Center and the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Oceanology. Footage of the expedition trophy, Beroe cucumis (a comb jelly), will also be presented during the event.

"Our expedition did not only have enormous educational significance but probably also scientific meaning. The kids managed to gather valuable research material. This is a good example of how education and science can be integrated," says Matvei Shparo, head of the expedition and a famous polar explorer.

Journalists and television crews can get accreditation by phone at 8 (977) 946 4409 (Natalya Zavgorodnyaya).