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Kara Summer 2015 Expedition Begins Arctic Field Exploration
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Kara Summer 2015 Expedition Begins Arctic Field Exploration

The Kara Summer 2015 scientific research expedition is going ahead with its field exploration program, the Rosneft oil company press service said. The expedition was organized by Rosneft with the participation of Arctic Research Center and Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Institute experts.

The research vessel Viktor Buinitsky will explore an area between the Kara Sea and the East Siberian Sea over 35 days. Scientists will collect data on the hydro-meteorological and ice situation in the northern seas during the summer. This information will be used to assess the environmental impact in developing the company's licensed sectors.  

During the expedition, 13 buoy stations will be installed to analyze the variability of morphometric and dynamic characteristics of the ice cover and fluctuations in the sea level, waves and currents in the licensed areas of the shelf.

Furthermore, the expedition program includes associated marine meteorological and ice observation, as well as biological studies, including the monitoring of sea mammals and birds.

Kara Summer 2015 is Rosneft's eighth expedition to study the hydro-meteorological and ice situation of Russian Arctic seas.

The work will be conducted in compliance with enhanced environmental and industrial safety standards.