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Chukotka mines over 27 metric tons of gold this year
© RIA Novosti. Pavel Lisitsin

Chukotka mines over 27 metric tons of gold this year

In January-October 2015, companies in the Chukotka Autonomous Area mined 27.6 metric tons of gold, or four percent more than in the same period of 2014, reports the Arctic-Info news agency, quoting the press service of the regional government. Silver output grew by 12 percent, to reach 128 metric tons.

In 2015, five companies mined gold in Chukotka, with Severnoye Zoloto (Northern Gold) producing 10.4 metric tons of gold and 13.8 metric tons of silver at the Dvoynoye deposit.

The Chukotka mining and geological company recovered 9.2 metric tons of gold and 108.5 metric tons of silver at the Kupol deposit. The Karalveyem mine and the Valunistoye deposit yielded 1.2 metric tons and 812 kilograms of gold, respectively. Gold-mining company Mayskoye produced 3.9 metric tons of gold at the Mayskoye deposit's ore-processing factory.

In January-September 2015, 15 companies mined placer gold in Chukotka and obtained nearly 2.1 metric tons of this precious metal.