New software to speed up Arctic oil prospecting
© RIA Novosti. Alexei Danichev

New software to speed up Arctic oil prospecting

Mathematicians from Novosibirsk State Technical University have developed new-generation software for processing hydrocarbon prospecting data on the Arctic shelf and on the high seas, the University's Deputy Rector for Research Alexei Vostretsov said. This unique software not only helps simulate models but also processes incoming data too.

"Experts from the University's applied mathematics faculty have developed new-generation software for high-precision processing of geological prospecting data. The project aims to conduct more cost-effective long-term hydrocarbon prospecting operations on the Arctic shelf and on the high seas using ‘smart' geological prospecting technology. Our software guarantees much more precise geological forecasts and pinpoints future exploratory-well locations more effectively," Vostretsov noted.

Apart from oil prospecting, the new software can detect any large submerged or ice-covered objects.

Project manager, Professor Marina Persova, hopes that this software can be used to compile projects, to streamline technology and also to develop 3D geological-environment models using prospecting data.

The software has already been tried out on the shelf, with Russian service companies also using it.