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Over 1,500 tourists to visit Chukotka this year
© RIA Novosti. Alexander Yurev

Over 1,500 tourists to visit Chukotka this year

About 1,500 tourists will visit Chukotka in 2015 as part of cruise tours organized by Heritage Expedition and Pacific Network, Arctic-Info reports.

As of now, 50 tourists from New Zealand, Australia and several European countries are traveling along the coast of the Chukotka Peninsula aboard the Professor Khromov cruise ship. The tourists will visit the Beringia cultural and sports festival of Chukotka walrus and whale hunters, which will take place on July 18-19 in the village of Lorino.

A tour group of 50 foreign nationals visited the region in early July.

The Professor Khromov, which belongs to the Heritage Expedition company, will make five voyages to Chukotka this year and bring 250 foreign tourists there.

The Pacific Network, a Kamchatka-based company, has scheduled four tours via Chukotka for over 1,200 travelers. One of the voyages will be made by the Silver Discoverer, two by the L'Austral and one more by the Le Soleal.

In 2014, Chukotka welcomed about 3,000 tourists from foreign countries.