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Arctic photo exhibition opens in Moscow

A photo exhibition of well-known Arctic researchers Dmitry and Matvei Shparo has opened in Vorobyovy Gory in Moscow. The exhibition is dedicated to their trips to the North Pole, the Moscow Department of Education's press service reported.

"The Pioneers Palace is our main center of extended education and a place where children come from all over the city. I am sure the exhibition will be interesting for children and parents," Deputy Head of the Department Tatyana Vasilyeva said.

In turn, Shparo stressed that expeditions to the North Pole became regular events eight years ago. During one such expedition, the flag of the Year of the Teacher was placed in the North Pole alongside the flag of Russia. He said that since then it was decided that all further expeditions will be dedicated to education. "The North Pole is the northernmost point. This means that wherever you cast a glance (right, left, forward or back) you will be looking south. Amazing. The North Pole is the end of the Earth axis on which the globe rotates," said traveler, Director of the Travels Laboratory extended education center Matvei Shparo.

Members of expeditions from previous years took part in the opening ceremony. The exhibition is dedicated to the trip made by Russian youths to the North Pole on drifting ice, which took place over spring.

The exhibition will last from November 2 until November 10.