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Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park exhibit opens at MSU museum
© Andrey Sochivko

Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park exhibit opens at MSU museum

A new exhibit on Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park in the Arkhangelsk Region has opened at the Earth Sciences Museum at Moscow State University, the national park's press office reported.

This is the first MSU exhibit to show Russian Arctic and subarctic protected territories. The exhibit presents information on Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park and features unique images and samples collected by MSU researchers during expeditions.

In early 2015, Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park and the Earth Sciences Museum signed an agreement to create a permanent exhibit. This year, several research groups were sent to the Onega Peninsula. "We created this new exhibit, ‘Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park,' in less than a year," Andrei Smurov said. Smurov is a DSc in Biology, a professor and the Earth Sciences Museum Director.

The director of Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park, Oleg Prodan, said the park would continue to cooperate with Moscow State University. "New data and items will be on display regularly," he said.

Next year, the Earth Sciences Museum and Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park plan to open an exhibit presenting Unskaya Bay, an ornithological area of global concern.