Rosturism sets up Arctic tourism working group
© RIA Novosti. Vera Kostamo

Rosturism sets up Arctic tourism working group

The Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturism) set up a working group to promote tourism in the Russian Arctic in the domestic and international markets, according to an agency press release.

"A working group was created to assist in building regional tourism clusters and promoting tourism in the Russian Arctic, both in the domestic and international tourism markets," the press release states.

The working group was established under an executive order by the agency head, Oleg Safonov. 

The agency specifies that the new body is to address the development of tourism infrastructure in the Arctic, which is part of the Russian Arctic development and national security strategy until 2020.

Oleg Safonov was appointed the head of the working group. Other participants include representatives of Rosturism, local governments of the regions in the Russian Arctic and regional executive bodies involved in the tourism industry. Members of the Russian Geographical Society and the Association of Polar Explorers will also be involved in the working group. The group's first meeting is scheduled to be held on November 24 in Vorkuta.

"Making the Russian Arctic an attractive tourist destination and actively promoting travel opportunities in the region is very important for the socioeconomic development of Russia's northern regions and preserving unique Arctic ecosystems," Safonov commented.

He also noted that Arctic cruises are becoming increasingly popular. "For example, only recently there were hardly any visitors to the Franz Josef Land. Currently, more than 2,000 people visit the archipelago every year."