Arctic tourism standards approved in Russia
© RIA Novosti. Ilya Pitalev

Arctic tourism standards approved in Russia

A series of national standards regarding Arctic tourism will become effective on June 30 by decision of the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism) and the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart).

Rostourism believes that this will help make travel safer and improve the quality of tourist services in Russia’s Arctic regions.

“The standards take into account the Arctic’s climate and physical features and the ensuing risks. They include detailed recommendations regarding Arctic tours and routes, the skills of personnel, the tourism infrastructure, transport, equipment and communications during trips, in particular, with rescue services and local residents,” the press service of Rostourism reported on February 4.

In addition to this, the navigation system for Arctic tourists will be standardised. This includes information stands and signs warning of danger, challenging trail sections and evacuation sites. The system will also include requirements for restriction signs.

Rostourism Head Zarina Doguzova pointed out that the Arctic is a region of unique cultural and historical features, severe, rapidly changing weather, and wildlife in numerous specially protected areas.

“We took all the details into account when coordinating the national Arctic tourism standards. They offer uniform and understandable rules for doing business and safe and comfortable travel conditions for tourists,” Doguzova said, as quoted by Rostourism’s press service.

Doguzova added that these are the first Arctic tourism standards approved in Russia.