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Svalbard Science Forum participants sign environmental charter
© RIA Novosti. Alexander Kovalev

Svalbard Science Forum participants sign environmental charter

Participants in the first International Arctic Forum in Longyearbyen (Norway) on Svalbard signed a charter of social and environmental ethics for purposes of sustainable development, RIA Novosti reports.

Organized by the international movement Terra Viva (Living Planet), the forum is being led by Nikolai Drozdov, well-known Russian environmentalist and TV host.

Drozdov said that the signed charter promotes support for businesses and projects with experience in eco-friendly production and the sale of products, goods and services, and in implementing energy efficient and resource saving innovation technology.

The forum participants agreed to openly share information on the environmental aspects of production technologies, and to work together to preserve the integrity of the Russian ecosystems, as well as to create and maintain a culture of mutual understanding, tolerance, sympathy and peace.