The Arctic: Today and the Future: New Horizons of State Policy in the Arctic
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The Arctic: Today and the Future: New Horizons of State Policy in the Arctic

The 9th International Forum The Arctic: Today and the Future will herald new state plans for the comprehensive development of the Arctic region. The forum's agenda will prioritize strategic documents on regional development, including those setting forth fundamental state policy principles that determine Russia's national interests in the Arctic zone and the Arctic development strategy until 2035.

Apart from basic topics, including improving the Russian Arctic's economic climate, making it more popular with investors and business managers, and improving the quality of regional life, forum participants will discuss key aspects of the Northern Sea Route's development, geological prospecting projects for the Arctic, and fundamental and other scientific research. Now that Russia will assume the presidency of the Arctic Council in 2021-2023, many sections will also focus on Arctic cooperation, including significant international projects, due to be implemented in the Russian Arctic. The North Pole 2020 high-latitude scientific drifting expedition is one such project, as well as the construction of a trans-Arctic optical-fiber communications line.

The two-day business program will offer two plenary sessions and 35 discussion sections in eight areas. Over 400 experts will speak on the forum's sidelines. More than 40 Russian regions and 20 foreign states, including Arctic Council members and observers, will send delegations. Over 2,500 people are expected to attend.

A unique 2,000 square meter exhibition featuring projects and technologies for the modern Arctic's socioeconomic and technological development and highlighting the lifestyle of the indigenous Arctic population will also open during the forum. Major Russian companies operating in the Arctic and Russian regions will present their projects.

A concluding public resolution on practical matters of the Russian Arctic's socioeconomic development and the attendant infrastructure in 2019 will contain all proposals and initiatives of the forum participants.

On December 5-7, 2019, the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center in St. Petersburg will host the 9th International Forum The Arctic: Today and the Future. The State Commission for Arctic Development, the Federation Council, the State Duma, the Russian Civic Chamber, various federal ministries and agencies, and Russian regional government bodies will sponsor the event.