Murmansk forum on the sustainable development of Russia’s indigenous peoples

Murmansk forum on the sustainable development of Russia’s indigenous peoples

On October 9-12, Murmansk will host the international forum, Public-Private Partnership in the Sustainable Development of the Indigenous Peoples. Forum participants will discuss the sustainable development of Russia’s indigenous small-numbered peoples, as well as state regulation and businesses’ role in this work.

“The cultural diversity of the Russian people is among the main values of this country. The sustainable development of Russia’s human capital is closely linked with the social responsibility of business; and comprehensive cooperation between the state and private companies is a key aspect in this area. I am confident that the forum participants will be able to fully discuss the plans for expanded interaction between the state and businesses and will develop proposals that can allow us to upgrade current regulatory practices,” said Presidential Adviser Anton Kobyakov, Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee to Prepare for and Facilitate Russia’s Arctic Council Presidency in 2021-2023. 

Forum participants will review corporate strategies’ standards and business policies in relations with the indigenous peoples. They will draft projects and programs for their development including various systems for consultation and agreements between parties, state regulation approaches, and including the indigenous peoples in the decision-making process.  

“The forum’s goals coincide with the national and international agendas, the priorities of the indigenous peoples, and the objectives of ensuring the country’s socio-economic development, including the operation of vital economic sectors,” Igor Barinov, Head of the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs, noted.

The event will include representatives from the ministries and agencies in the regions inhabited by indigenous peoples, NGO experts who specialize in sustainable development and upholding human rights and the rights of the indigenous peoples, multilateral development institutions, industrial companies operating in areas where the indigenous peoples traditionally live, and business community associations.

The forum’s business program includes a plenary meeting, five panel sessions and roundtable discussions to discuss various aspects of the sustainable development of Russia’s indigenous peoples, as well as their relations with industrial companies and government agencies.

The participants will evaluate opportunities for creating a national standard for the sustainable development of Russia’s indigenous small-numbered peoples and for guaranteeing their rights in relation to economic development. At the end of the forum, they will hold a round of consultations to find effective approaches for streamlining relations between businesses and the indigenous peoples and for forging the expert potential in this field.

The forum will take place under a plan  of Russia’s Arctic Council presidency. Any participants wishing to obtain additional information or to register can go to the official website: