Николай Дроздов: Лёд в Арктике тает, и человек вносит в этот процесс свою лепту

Nikolai Drozdov

Soviet and Russian zoologist, explorer and TV host

Born in Moscow on June 20, 1937.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University, a public figure and a member of the Russian Geographical Society’s Media Council.

Since 1968, he has participated in The World of Animals popular TV show, first as a contributor, and since 1977 as a host and a writer.

In 1995, The World of Animals received the TEFI award as the best educational program. In 1996, he was elected a member of the Russian Television Academy.

Drozdov has written dozens of books and two hundred articles. He is one of the UN Secretary-General’s 15 environmental advisors.

In 1995, he was elected member of the New York Academy of Sciences.