Russia launches pilot waste incinerator in the Arctic
© Kirill Kallinikov

Russia launches pilot waste incinerator in the Arctic

The testing of a waste incineration plant has started in the Arctic village of Chokurdakh in Yakutia.

“For the first time in Yakutia, the Far East or the Arctic, we have purchased an incinerator that will be placed in the village of Chokurdakh, in the Allaikhovsky District. The plant has started working under an agreement with the district administration and has already incinerated about 125 cubic meters of waste. We appreciate the district administration’s cooperation in providing a site for the incinerator that can be used all year round,” said Vitaly Chikachev, head of the state housing and utilities service provider in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

This piece of equipment is fully certified and operational and being tested right now, he explained.

“We need diesel fuel if we want to be able to incinerate waste. <...> We will see how everything goes during the winter months, and later on, according to the investment program, we will consider buying such plants for other districts too,” he added.