Student competition Ticket to the Arctic kicks off in Russia

Student competition Ticket to the Arctic kicks off in Russia

Russian students are invited to win a ticket to the Arctic; they can join an expedition into polar waters and help improve the world-famous super-deep Kola well.

“We are ready to receive young people, to show them the beautiful Arctic sights and involve them in cleanup operations. Today, we are planning to improve the super-deep Kola well that extends 12,262 meters below the surface. The well was frozen in the 1990s, and the workshops turned into junkyards. I believe that young people will come here after winning Tickets to the Arctic, and that they will help improve this place that is valued by every Russian citizen because this is the deepest well in the world,” Andrei Nagibin noted at a news conference at the International Multimedia Press Center at Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency.

A popular social media network will hold the contest in a mini app called Ticket to the Arctic. Entrants will be able to take quizzes and check their knowledge. Students over 18 years are invited, and the jury will select ten winners. 

Apart from the super-deep Kola well, the winners will be able to visit the Kola Nuclear Power Plant, a nuclear-powered icebreaker and industrial enterprises in Apatity and Monchegorsk and to watch whales in Teriberka. The contest program will take the winners’ academic interests into account.

“Students joining the scientific expedition will be able to analyze the potential of the Kola Peninsula in the context of science and technological achievements. We are planning to involve up to 10,000 people in Rosatom’s Arctic projects in the next decade. High school students are taking part in our Icebreaker of Knowledge contest, and the best of the best will sail on an icebreaker to the North Pole. Our national contest involved 115,000 school students, and only 80 of them were able to take this dream trip,” Acting Director of the Department of Communications at Rosatom State Corporation Andrei Timonov added.