Clean Arctic-Vostok-77 expedition leaves Murmansk
© RIA Novosti. Alexey Kudenko

Clean Arctic-Vostok-77 expedition leaves Murmansk

The Clean Arctic-Vostok-77 research expedition has set off from the Murmansk seaport. Over the next 12 months, scientists from 20 institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and several universities will travel over 12,000 km traversing little-explored northern regions and performing research commissioned by the state.

The President sent a message of greeting to those participating inparticipants of the launch of this multifield continental Arctic expedition.

“The scale of this unique project under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Sciences is truly impressive: in challenging climate conditions, the participants will carry out more than 200 fundamental research projects focused on geography, economics and social sciences. The entire scope of the research is extremely important for the development of the Arctic and strengthening its natural and industrial potential. The itinerary of the expedition covers 12,000 km and runs through 19 Russian regions, offering an extensive and busy program. <...> Thank you for your proactive attitude and ambition to contribute to preserving the rich natural environment of our country and to the dynamic development of the Arctic,” Vladimir Putin said in his message.

The expedition program includes ecological, sociological and anthropological research concerning indigenous peoples and residents of Russia’s northern communities. More than 700 participants will take part in Tthe year-long mission, will include more than 700 participants who will carrying out about 200 studies across 11 time zones.

The Klavdiya Yelanskaya ship will deliver the first group of researchers to the southeastern coast of the Kola Peninsula, where their land journey will begin. The group will traverse a length of 120 km across the tundra and Tersky Coast bays on foot. In the village of Umba, athe second group of sociologists and anthropologists will take over and begin collecting data for their study in places populated by the Saami. The employees of the Moscow Arctic Library No. 77 will start searching for audio and video content and books in the languages of the indigenous peoples – the Saami and the Izhma Komi. Their itinerary will run through Revda, Lovozero and Apatity.