Khanty-Mansi governor presents $5 billion regional investment portfolio at BRICS forum

Khanty-Mansi governor presents $5 billion regional investment portfolio at BRICS forum

Natalia Komarova, governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, presented a regional investment portfolio at the BRICS business forum in China, according to a statement on the regional government's web portal.

The portfolio includes 169 projects totaling $5 billion.

"One of the key events at the forum was a special outreach session to demonstrate the investment potential of Russian regions and republics to the BRICS business community.

The head of the region held a presentation of investment projects for the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, submitting an investment portfolio of 169 projects for an overall amount of $5 billion," the statement reads.

The governor noted that the most capital-intensive and comprehensive project involving both Yugra's resource potential and its innovation-driven growth opportunities is the project to create an industrial cluster in the Subpolar Urals.

"The Subpolar Urals region is rich in quartz and coal deposits, ferrous, non-ferrous, rare and precious metals and diamonds. This region can be developed from scratch, using the best environmentally-friendly technologies. The work to build this cluster should begin with the construction of a 260 kilometer highway and the first factories that will set the wheels in motion," Komarova said.

She also spoke about the region's main advantages, such as human resources, advanced medicine and infrastructure, and large investments in the region's fixed assets.  

She said that there is another topic related to developing the Subpolar Urals and unlocking Yugra's potential. Primarily, this means knowledge industry services and goods intended for consumption in the Northern and Arctic regions, with a view to expanding the Northern Sea Route's potential. These production facilities and expertise are combined under the cluster called Engineering and Technologies for the North.