Yamal agricultural enterprises receive subsidies to develop reindeer herding
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Yamal agricultural enterprises receive subsidies to develop reindeer herding

Yamal reindeer husbandry enterprises received over 198 million rubles for livestock breeding and reindeer herding.

Forty-six million rubles out of the total amount of state support is aimed at improving the breed characteristics of animals at three reindeer husbandry farms. These enterprises have 20,000 deer of the Nenets breed, of which over 11,000 are female deer.

"Deer undergo annual evaluations in pedigree breeding units, or, in other words, assessments of breed characteristics. Low-productive animals are culled, and deer with disorders and physical defects are removed from the herd. A set of veterinary and sanitary measures for the prevention of infectious and invasive diseases is carried out strictly in accordance with the plan," the message on the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area government website says.

Another type of state support for the industry provides for maintenance subsidies. A total of 152 million rubles has been allocated for this purpose. Twenty-three reindeer husbandry organizations with over 90,000 animals received money. Among the recipients are 12 rural household farms.

"By providing support for the maintenance of animals, we encourage reindeer husbandry organizations to change the structure of herds in favor of female animals. In the future, this will increase the number of young animals, and hence boost deer meat production, without increasing the load on pastures," said Alexander Zemskikh, deputy director of the agroindustrial department of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area.

Starting this year, subsidies for deer maintenance are paid strictly upon the conclusion of long-term agreements between the agroindustrial department and enterprises. The condition is that the herds of organized farms should consist of at least 60 percent female deer, and rural household farms of at least 50 percent. This herd structure is optimal for reindeer herding.