Russia begins to supply Arctic oil to China
© RIA Novosti. Maksim Blinov

Russia begins to supply Arctic oil to China

Gazprom Neft has supplied 144,000 tons of oil from Arctic Novy Port to the Chinese port of Yantai.

"The development of cooperation with our key Asian refiners allowed Gazprom Neft to expand its fields of supply and to add China to the map of Arctic oil supplies. Its economy is actively coming back to life from the pandemic's impact," the press service of Gazprom Neft says.

It noted that the tanker's route from Murmansk to Yantai passes through the Arctic seas and three oceans. The cargo delivery takes 47 days.

"The successful export of Arctic oil grades to the European market and deep understanding of Asian-Pacific markets allow Gazprom Neft offering Novy Port oil to its Asian partners with a unique scheme of all-year-round logistics. Considering the company's plan to expand the geography of its Arctic oil supplies, the development of cooperation with purchasers from China and other Asian-Pacific countries is of strategic importance for us," explained Anatoly Cherner, Gazprom Neft deputy CEO for logistics, refinery and sales.

Since the Arctic oil exports began, Gazprom Neft has delivered over 40 million tons of ARCO (Prirazlomnoye field) and Novy Port (Novoportovskoye field) to European countries. Gazprom Neft's transport and logistics schemes includes the Prirazlomnaya oil production platform, the Arctic Gate oil terminal in the Gulf of Ob, a reinforced ice class tanker fleet, including LNG-fuelled vessels, escort icebreakers and a transshipment complex in Murmansk. Kapitan (Captain), the first digital system for the Arctic logistics management in the world, ensures the effectiveness and safety of the work.