Icebreaker Festival
© Pavel Filin

St. Petersburg hosted the 2nd Icebreaker Festival

On May 2-3, the 2nd Icebreaker Festival was held on the Neva River in St. Petersburg. It included six icebreakers this year. The Ivan Kruzenshtern and the Mudyug icebreakers were moored to Angliyskaya Embankment while the Moskva, the Kapitan Sorokin and the Nevskaya Zastava icebreakers were tied up at the Leitenanta Shmidta Embankment. The legendary icebreaker Krasin was the flagship of the festival which saw over 45,000 visitors in two days.

Visitors saw "The Icebreaker Waltz" where four icebreaker towboats and the Ivan Kruznshtern and the Moskva performed complicated maneuvers on the Neva River to famous waltzes.

Also, a military reenactment of the PQ-15 Arctic Convoy, which delivered  strategic cargo from the US and Great Britain to the USSR  in 1942, was presented. In 1941-43, the Krasin icebreaker completed a combat mission around the world as it accompanied the PQ-15 convoy and is now the only ship in Russia still afloat that was engaged in the battles of the Great Patriotic War.

The Russian Society for Nature Preservation was a major sponsor of the festival, with support from the Russian Museum of the Arctic and Antarctica who set up a special environmental exhibit of icebreaker models, lectures on the ecology of the Arctic region, and a display of polar nature and the history of Arctic studies.

Festival sponsors included over 30 organizations including Rosmorport, The World Ocean Museum, Portovy Flot company, The Russian Life-Saving Society, the Baltic Sea Ports Administration, and the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping.