Federation Council recommends to set up orbital satellite communication Arctic group
© RIA Novosti. Vladimir Fedorenko

Federation Council recommends to set up orbital satellite communication Arctic group

The Federation Council adopted a resolution on Wednesday highlighting the need to establish an orbital satellite communication group in the Arctic region where stability risks have emerged, RIA Novosti reported.

"The systemic European security crisis also creates risks for stability in the Arctic. Western countries are attempting to politicize multilateral cooperation in the Arctic," the resolution says.

It notes that the participation of North American and European companies in joint projects to develop oil and gas fields on Russia's Arctic continental shelf has been suspended and defense contacts with Russia have been scaled down.

"There is growing competition between the coastal Arctic states, related to the initiatives to expand the outer limits of their continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean. Non-Arctic states are also beginning to show growing ambitions to strengthen their influence in the Arctic," the document says.

In this context, the Council recommended that the government consider developing a communication system in Russia's Arctic zone, including the creation of an orbital satellite communication group using highly elliptical orbit satellites, as well as establishing a grouping of remote earth sensing radar satellites for the 24/7, all-weather monitoring of the Arctic region.

The Council urged the government to continue the legitimization of Russia's sovereign rights to its Arctic continental shelf and resources, including transboundary resources, and to prepare for talks on the delimitation of the continental shelf in high-latitude Arctic regions between Russia and Denmark, as well as Canada, based on international law.