The Mikhail Somov heading for Arctic to deliver supplies to polar stations
© RIA Novosti. Valery Melnikov

The Mikhail Somov heading for Arctic to deliver supplies to polar stations

The Mikhail Somov research and expedition vessel owned by Sevgidromet (Northern Directorate of the Federal Service for Hydro-Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring) sailed off on its first voyage since the opening of the navigation season to deliver winter supplies to polar stations in the Arctic, TASS reports.

"For a month and a half, this diesel-electric ship will be shipping food, fuel and lubricants and other supplies to stations located in remote areas on the Kola Peninsula in the Murmansk region, the Arkhangelsk region, the Nenets Autonomous Area, and the Taimyr and Yamal-Nenets regions in the White, Barents and Kara seas. Supplies will be delivered to 36 stations," a Sevgidromet source said.

The ship will also deliver new teams of polar specialists to remote polar stations. "In addition to maintenance and equipment provision, other tasks include software updates at automated weather stations along the entire coastal network, power generating equipment repairs and technical staff training," the source added.

During its first voyage the Mikhail Somov will deliver construction materials and workers for the renovation of service buildings at the Sopochnya Karga, Mys Mikulkin, Amderma, Shoina, Abramovsky Mayak, Kanin Nos, Zimnegorodsky Mayak, Sosnovets and Marresalya stations. The ship is scheduled to return to Arkhangelsk in mid-August.