Arctic businesses to propose ideas for social development law
© Valeriy Melnikov

Arctic businesses to propose ideas for social development law

The participants of the Arctic Business World crowdsourcing project have launched a collection of proposals on current social and businesses issues pertaining to the development of Russia's Arctic regions. Anyone can submit proposals by July 25 after registering on the website, the State Commission for Arctic Development announced on its website.

Project participants can share their ideas on the issues that should be covered by the proposed law On the Development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation, which the Economic Development Ministry is drafting along with the Council on the Arctic and Antarctic at the Federation Council. They will also discuss a concept for a transport and logistics operator, which could become a vital link in organizing cargo deliveries via the Northern Sea Route.

Another element of the Arctic Business World is the collection of ideas on Russian and international approaches to Arctic development and lifehacks on life in the Extreme North.

The project organizers have invited everyone who cares about the future of the Arctic to take part in these discussions. Those who submit the best proposals will receive awards and an opportunity to attend a meeting of the Business Council at the State Commission for Arctic Development.

The Arctic Business World crowdsourcing project aims to promote the social and business development of Arctic regions with assistance from businesses, NGOs, the research community. Over 1,600 people have joined the project and have submitted about 400 proposals on the further development of the Northern Sea Route, and tourism and business in the Arctic.