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The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue forum to discuss energy matters

A roundtable meeting will be held during The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue international forum. The meeting will focus on how the problem of supplying Arctic regions with energy can be handled through the extraction of hydrocarbons in those regions, the forum's website reports. Scientists, engineers and regional executives will participate in the debate.

The meeting will focus on effective energy supply mechanisms for remote northern territories. Together with regional officials, the participants will consider investment opportunities and small-scale extraction ventures for targeted energy supplies to remote areas.

The program of The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue forum under the slogan Man in the Arctic offers more than 40 events, including 32 theme sessions, roundtables and discussions, two plenary sessions and an expanded session of the State Commission for Arctic Development.

The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue is a global platform for talks on problems facing the Arctic and the region's future. Conducted with the assistance of the Russian government, the forum seeks to unite international efforts to ensure the effective development of the Arctic and higher living standards for the population of the Arctic areas. The first forum took place in 2010 and was devoted to the region's modern challenges. The forum convened again in 2011 to discuss the Arctic transportation system. In 2013, the third forum was held. This time the focus was on ecological security.