The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue international forum begins in Arkhangelsk
© RIA Novosti. Grigoriy Sisoev

The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue international forum begins in Arkhangelsk

The international forum, The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue, opened in Arkhangelsk on March 29. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Dmitry Rogozin, Chairman of the State Commission for Arctic Development, said that 2435 delegates are taking part in the event, including the presidents of Iceland and Finland, and official delegations from the US, Norway, Denmark, China, India, Singapore, France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, and other countries.

"The number and level of this forum's participants is clear evidence of the great interest in the Arctic today," Mr Rogozin said.

Mr Rogozin said that Russia's main national interest in the Arctic is to preserve the region as a place of peace and cooperation. He said he is sure that consolidated efforts, and ongoing exchanges of experience, knowledge and technology in the Arctic can turn this part of the Earth into a region that is attractive for life and work.  

"The Arctic today is, above all, a territory of dialogue between wise, competent and responsible people who know what sort of Arctic they want to leave to their children," Mr Rogozin said.  

The commission chairman said that the forum would address essential issues, such as the environment, and social, infrastructure and industrial projects, plus scientific study of the Arctic.  

"I hope each session of the forum will produce specific proposals and results that will form a foundation for our management decisions," Mr Rogozin said, and wished the participants a productive forum.