Advanced Research Fund to develop new-generation Arctic military equipment
© RIA Novosti. Valeriy Melnikov

Advanced Research Fund to develop new-generation Arctic military equipment

Russia's Advanced Research Fund is set to develop new-generation military equipment for use in the Arctic, its sources told RIA Novosti.

"The Advanced Research Fund will develop new-generation military equipment for the Arctic. Today, advanced materials for new equipment, communications systems and other potentially useful technologies that can operate in the Far North are being developed under the fund's projects," RIA Novosti was told.

The fund has already hosted a meeting of an interdepartmental working group to compile technical requirements for combat equipment for service personnel and to provide Arctic units with modern weapons, military equipment and robotic systems. A number of specialized meetings involving developers and clients are scheduled to be held soon.  

The above meeting, chaired by Oleg Martyanov, a member of the Russian Military-Industrial Commission's Board, involved members of the Northern Troops expedition which has been exploring various Arctic routes since 2008; this expedition unites scientists, developers of cutting-edge technology for the Far North and explorers.

"The project is being carried out in collaboration with the Russian Geographical Society's Arctic Expedition Center and includes research and other agencies working in the Arctic and the Far North. The latest Northern Troops expedition that ended April 7, 2017 involved a Russian Defense Ministry military unit for the first time," the fund's sources noted.

According to expedition members, current gear and equipment are not suited for long-range missions in the Arctic. They had to upgrade clothing and equipment all on their own.

"Medical support is the main problem of any Arctic expedition, and even a routine case of appendicitis could spell disaster. We must send adequately equipped service personnel to the Arctic so they can be free to accomplish their objectives," Alexander Peterman, chief of the Northern Troops expedition, noted.