Arctic FEC security discussed in Moscow
© Alexei Danichev

Arctic FEC security discussed in Moscow

A conference on Complex Security and Protection of Industry, Oil, Gas and Energy Facilities was held in Moscow as part of the Security and Safety Technologies Forum 2018. The participants discussed the security of the fuel and energy complex in the Arctic focusing not only on the production infrastructure but also on the social sphere facilities such as schools, hospitals, kindergartens, and residential buildings.

Representatives of Nornikel, a company whose production sites are located in the Arctic, took part in the discussion. In particular, Nornikel's Director of the Corporate Security Department Roman Gudov spoke about the measures the company takes to provide security of the region's strategic enterprises.

According to Gudov, the situation and analytical centers will become the key elements of the new security architecture in the Arctic. All the information they receive, including from the FEC, will be integrated into the single corporate security system. "This will allow an increase in the effectiveness of the technical equipment and also reduce the time needed to make decisions in cases of an emergency, as well as our expenses in general," he noted.

In his turn, Norilskgasprom's Head of the Economic Security and Discipline Department Yury Sheptalin added: "The reliability and regularity of power supply in the Extreme North is becoming an important task of the corporate security departments at our companies."

The total length of Norilskgasprom's and Norilsktransgas' main pipelines in the temperature area of —60 to +38 degrees is over 1,190 km.

The conference concluded by making a decision to explore the issue of organizing another event on security of industrial facilities in special climatic and geographic zones.