The Arctic joins the list of transport improvement priorities
© RIA Novosti, Maksim Blinov

The Arctic joins the list of transport improvement priorities

Russia's transport improvement strategy needs to focus on transport accessibility in the Arctic, Siberia and the Far East, a spokesperson for the Russian Security Council's interagency commission said.

The commission considered issues involved in developing Russia's transport system at its meeting, the Security Council's press service reported.

"While adjusting strategic planning documents related to the development of the transport system, the commission decided to focus on the necessary level of transport accessibility in the Arctic regions, Siberia and the Far East," the press service told Interfax.

The press service said that the commission had recommended taking into account the importance of developing different types of transport based on a transport and economic balance and the need to create and expedite the development of the integrated international east-west and north-south transport corridors, as well as the Northern Sea Route, and to consider safety in public travel.