Arctic emergency-and-rescue center to be built on Taimyr
© RIA Novosti. Aleksey Sukhorukov

Arctic emergency-and-rescue center to be built on Taimyr

To ensure security in the Arctic, the Emergencies Ministry plans to establish a multi-purpose emergency-and-rescue center in Dikson, the northernmost village of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The center will be fitted out with new aviation, marine, fire-fighting, diving, rescue and other equipment, with due account of the extreme natural conditions typical for the region, complicated supply logistics and transport safety regulation in the Extreme North, as well as with cutting-edge communications technology.

The center will include a local unit of the Emergencies Ministry, a search-and-rescue team and an Arctic aviation-rescue crew.

The main responsibilities of the center will be to enhance the security of Arctic residents, issue warnings about natural and man-made emergencies, create conditions for the safe implementation of large-scale economic, infrastructure and investment projects, and cooperate with other federal authorities to ensure fail-safe navigation along the Northern Sea Route.