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Arctic Center of Epic Literature and Arts project 35 percent complete

The Arctic Center of Epic Literature and Arts project is currently 35 percent complete. As Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolayev noted, the center will consolidate the epic heritage of the Yakutian peoples and become a specialized venue for creative groups from all uluses (districts) and cities.

A reinforcement-bar structure of 14,000 cubic meters has been built at the site. Construction crews are currently working on the reinforced walls, columns, ceiling slabs and on assembling column formwork and ceiling slabs.

More than 200 people and seven units of equipment are currently involved in the construction project.

The center will become one of the largest cultural facilities in the Russian Far East and Russia in general. The seven-story facility will cover 33,000 sq. meters. The building is 36.7 meters high, with 1,530 seats in theaters and 15,400 sq. meters of landscaped grounds. 

The new building will comprise the State Philharmonic, the Olonkho Theater and Platon Oiunsky Sakha Academic Theater. Ancillary function rooms will include a hall for public events, a hall for exhibitions and ritual displays, exhibition space, small and large rehearsal halls, a sound recording studio, cafes and a restaurant. 

Equipped with modern lighting, multimedia and acoustical equipment, the center will have the capacity to hold a variety of events in the same venue, from classical music concerts to major theater productions.

Also, as part of the project, the shoreline of Lake Saisary in Yakutsk will be reinforced and turned into a promenade.  

The facility is to open in late 2024.