Prime Minister inspects Norilsk Comprehensive Development Plan
© RIA Novosti. Aleksandr Astaf'ev

Prime Minister inspects Norilsk Comprehensive Development Plan

Mikhail Mishustin inspected the progress of the comprehensive plan for the socioeconomic development of Norilsk, which will last until 2035.

During his visit, the Prime Minister was shown models of the facilities to be built under the plan, including replacements for dilapidated housing set to be demolished. In addition to being relocated to newly built homes, some categories of residents will be granted aid to purchase new housing, in particular, residents of the Norilsk City District who have moved from the Far North. Other measures include the improvement of communal spaces and courtyards, the development of social infrastructure, and many others.

During the tour, the Prime Minister learned about the design project for the Arctic Museum, a tourist and recreational facility scheduled to open in 2026. According to Norilsk Mayor Dmitry Karasev, the archived exhibits of the museum will be accessible for viewing to all visitors, which makes it and the Hermitage the only museums offering such a unique opportunity.

Earlier, Norilsk and regional officials signed an agreement with Norilsk Nickel on the comprehensive development of the territory until 2028. Project design documents for the construction of mid-rise residential buildings, major renovation of waste collection and sewage facilities at four sites, and thermal stabilization of soil below three residential buildings were reviewed for regulatory compliance.

The plan for the socioeconomic development of Norilsk was approved by Government resolution on December 10, 2021.