Companies to apply for Northern Sea Route navigation permits through State Services portal
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Companies to apply for Northern Sea Route navigation permits through State Services portal

Starting in September, companies can apply for navigation permits for the Northern Sea Route on the State Services portal.

Amendments have been made to the navigation regulations for the Northern Sea Route (NSR). In particular, a registry-based procedure for issuing navigation permits will be required: the record in the register, as administered by Glavsevmorput, will confirm the issuance of the permits.

“The information in the register, except data access, which is restricted by Russian law, is published on the official website of the authorized agency and is open to the public. The record in the register will contain the following information: the record number; the name of the ship for which the permit has been issued; the flag the ship sails under; the ship’s ID (if applied); the issuance and expiry date of the permit (cannot exceed one year); the route (of operation) in the waters of the NSR; and information on the need for the icebreaker assistance in difficult, average or easy ice conditions,” the Glavsepmorput press service says.

The register will also contain information on the suspension, renewal, termination and updates to a permit.

The Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route (Glavsevmorput) was established by Russian Government directive No. 2019-r of July 23, 2022. The directorate administers the following: the approval of icebreaker assistance for ships and navigation along the Northern Sea Route; the development of routes and the arrangement of the appropriate icebreaker fleetalong the NSR for given hydrometeorological, ice and navigation conditions; and the issuance, suspension, renewal and termination of navigation permits, including any amendments to permits.